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Netflix Is Making A Basic Marketing Error That Can Cause Huge Long-Term Problems

I cannot believe that we are in 2022 and a huge company like Netflix fails to understand the BASICS of marketing. What is happening right now is basic and you learn it in college. Hell… you learn it from reading articles on the internet written by students. Simply put: you do not raise prices when …


Key IT Roles Your Organization Should Invest In

Small companies often form partnerships with larger consulting firms or well-known suppliers to get the technological solutions they want. However, as the firm expands, it will become necessary to hire employees with the necessary skills to ensure that technological solutions can be applied to preserve operational efficiency. It might be difficult for business people without …

Financial Education

Great Tips for Making Business Investments

Running a business is difficult, especially when funds are limited. Unfortunately, competence and determination aren’t sufficient to run a firm. If you lack in the financial department of your company, it could be time to explore investing. Here are a few pointers to help business owners make sound investments: Penny Stocks are a good place …