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Should my clients write their own SEO content?

So you were hired to do SEO work and it is time to discuss content writing. Should you have your team handle that or should the SEO content be written by the client? This is a pretty old question in SEO, one that is still debated. Obviously, there are people that will tell you that …


4 Mistakes That Even The Professional Content Marketer Often Makes

Some content marketers will tell you that everything is really simple. Others will tell you that everything is complicated. At the end of the day, the truth is that all that we do online in marketing can be complicated. We actually learn from the mistakes that we do and that is how we become better. …


16 Content Marketing Misconceptions And Why They Are Not True

Everyone talks about content marketing as if they know everything about it. With most people you quickly figure out that they only have misconceptions about content marketing. This is exactly what happened a few days ago when I had a discussion with a friend. Unfortunately, most of his ideas about content marketing were wrong. This …