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The Short Attention Span Lie In Marketing

the short attention span lie in marketing

When talking to marketers, one of the most common things mentioned is that you need to keep your content short since the attention span of people is really low. Facts cannot really deny this. You can check out this infographic to see details about how the attention span of people is going down. According to …


Why Do You Need Evergreen Content On Your Blog?

why do you need evergreen content on your blog

Every single blog needs evergreen content There are different types of content that you can publish on a blog but evergreen content is what always stands out. Unfortunately, it is also the one type that I often see overlooked. When I talk to people, there are some reasons that keep getting mentioned in regards to …


Should my clients write their own SEO content?

So you were hired to do SEO work and it is time to discuss content writing. Should you have your team handle that or should the SEO content be written by the client? This is a pretty old question in SEO, one that is still debated. Obviously, there are people that will tell you that …


5 Ways To Save Money On SEO For Your Business

People will tell you that SEO is either really cheap or incredibly expensive. This is based on personal interaction and should not be the way we look at the industry. The truth is that SEO can be: Cheap since you can do it yourself Expensive because the really good companies are going to charge a …

For Beginners, SEO

The Most Important Things You Have To Know About SEO

Everyone says that search engine optimization is needed to be successful with a website. That is correct. The problem is that there are so many articles online that talk about this huge industry that it is very hard to know where to start. At its core SEO is not difficult to understand. A high quality …