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Horrible Social Media Advice You Will Get And Should Never Trust

Nowadays, everyone with a Facebook page seems to be a social media specialist. If you take a look at groups for beginners and you do know what social media is all about you will be surprised to see how much bad advice is offered. The truth is that social media is not as difficult as …


Top Secrets to Sell Your Products Like Hotcakes on Social Media

You’ve just launched your product. The excitement is sky-high. Now, you want to generate sales and profit from it. So, what should you do? One of the simplest ways to create awareness and attract more people to your product is through social media marketing. “Social media” is an umbrella that includes several influential platforms such …


Never Ignore What Facebook Insights Tells You About Your Followers!

There are many tutorials out there that tell you to post at specific hours on Facebook and that you have to make sure that you post images. The problem is that there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to Facebook marketing. Every single person that wants his Facebook page to …