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How To Maintain Your Sanity When You Work From Home

how to maintain your sanity when you work online

All around the world, remote work grows in popularity. More and more companies let their workers stay home and encourage it whenever possible. This is a very good opportunity to stay safe while we are all worried about the global pandemic. Google, Morgan Stanley, and Amazon are just 3 of the companies that encourage remote …

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4 Tips To Market Yourself As A Freelance Writer That Actually Work

4 Tips To Market Yourself As A Freelance Writer

After you choose a niche to focus on and you create your portfolio as a freelance writer (2 vital things that should never be neglected and you surely already know), it is time to market your services. This is not at all something simple. You WILL experience a lot of stress and frustration. The big …


Signs You Do Too Much Research When You Write

Since 2003 I wrote thousands of articles for websites and much more. Along the years, many problems appeared. One of them was the fact that too much research was done. Generally, when you start writing, you start to do research. During research, some crazy thoughts pop up, like: After I am an expert, I can …


Freelancing For Beginners – Advice I Wanted To Know When I Started

My first freelance project came in 2003, when I had no idea what freelancing for beginners means. Back then, there were not many freelancers delivering great quality so I was lucky enough to get a really quick job. I was so green that in the following years I did make many mistakes. Now, when I …


How To Deal With Freelancer Procrastination And Actually Get Things Done

One of the biggest problems you will face as a freelancer is getting work done. Dealing with procrastination takes some discipline and you have to, most likely, make some changes in how you do things. We all know how easy it is to be distracted by Twitter, Facebook and anything else that happens around us. …