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My Top 10 Champions To Climb Solo Queue – League Of Legends

League of Legends features 148 characters that you can play. The vast majority of them are good for climbing solo queue, at least to a high-enough level for most gamers. I am mostly talking diamond and platinum here. The problem is that so many of these champions have complex mechanics that take a long time …


Awesome MK11 DLC Fighters We Will Never Get

mortal kombat 11

When it comes to Mortal Kombat 11, we are free to imagine everything. After all, In the latest storyline, past and present merged. In the past, we had DC join. Well, it was a horrible attempt. We also had the God Of War Kratos make an appearance as a DLC character, just like Ash Williams …


RNG’s Uzi Won Weibo’s 2019 Person Of The Year Award


As I was watching some LPL vods yesterday, I learned from one of the casters that RNG’s UZI (Jian Zi-Hao) was voted as the person of the year by Weibo for 2019. This is incredible to see and only goes to show you how popular League of Legends is in China. Most likely, it also …