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Social Media Advice For Food Bloggers At The Start Of Their Journey

Some time ago food blogging was quite simple. You would launch a blog and start talking about the food you cook. You took pictures and growing a following was pretty straightforward. Nowadays, things changed. There are literally millions of food bloggers out there. This is the competition you are faced with so social media becomes …


Social Media Tips For Personal Trainers At The Start Of Their Journey

There are so many personal trainers that set up their social media accounts and want to promote themselves but the competition is so high that it is really hard to stand out. Obviously, social media is a great choice since those that you want to reach surely have accounts, especially on Facebook and Twitter. However, …


Horrible Social Media Advice You Will Get And Should Never Trust

Nowadays, everyone with a Facebook page seems to be a social media specialist. If you take a look at groups for beginners and you do know what social media is all about you will be surprised to see how much bad advice is offered. The truth is that social media is not as difficult as …