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How To Maintain Your Sanity When You Work From Home

how to maintain your sanity when you work online

All around the world, remote work grows in popularity. More and more companies let their workers stay home and encourage it whenever possible. This is a very good opportunity to stay safe while we are all worried about the global pandemic. Google, Morgan Stanley, and Amazon are just 3 of the companies that encourage remote …


7 Things People Don’t Tell You About Working From Home

So you want to work from home. That is definitely great. I have been doing it since 2003 and I cannot believe so much time passed since I wrote my first article for my first client. I will always remember that batch I was hired for: 5 articles about Norwegian fjords. What followed was a …


How To Balance Life And Business When You Work From Home – 8 Tips That Work

I will tell you, just like anyone that works from home, that the boundaries between your personal life and work will end up feeling nonexistent. You can be as organized as you want to be and it will still be really tough to manage the home and the career. When you have children everything becomes …