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12 Freelance Writing Career Tips To Help You Make More Money

Being a freelance writer seems like a dream job. You can travel the world and work from anywhere. You can write about the things you like and make money. Sounds great, right? In reality, building a successful freelance writing career is all about really hard work, a lot of hustling, and time management. Oh, and …


Choosing A Great Keyboard For Writing

Regardless of whether you want to write a novel, a book, or you work as a freelance content writer, you quickly learn that writing is not that easy. Several factors affect it and the process tends to be longer than many think. Fortunately, we no longer rely on pen and paper. We can use our …


Is Writer’s Block Real? Or Is It Something Else?

is writer's block real

This will be controversial but I believe all the talk surrounding writer’s block does more harm than good. Everything sounds like a set of excuses. I couldn’t write the last chapter. Why? Writer’s Block! Ah Ok! It looks like writer’s block is starting to be used as an excuse, not like a valid reason why …


Signs You Do Too Much Research When You Write

Since 2003 I wrote thousands of articles for websites and much more. Along the years, many problems appeared. One of them was the fact that too much research was done. Generally, when you start writing, you start to do research. During research, some crazy thoughts pop up, like: After I am an expert, I can …